Petrol Pump Management Software

"PetroCare" - A Petrol Pump Management Software manages all possible needs of Petrol Pump Owners. PetroCare is a Inventory & Accounting Software for Petrol Pumps. With PetroCare you can manage all day to day problems of Petrol Pump. It is very simple to use and it automatically takes care of all your business needs. Some features of Petrol Pump Management Software are given below :

  • ⧪ Sales Management
  • ⩥ It covers the sales of HSD, PETROL, LUBRICANTS etc. On cash or credit basis.
  • ⩥ It also covers an efficient slip management system giving the option of Credit bills (Vehicle Wise), Payment outstanding etc.
  • ⧪ Purchase Management
  • ⩥ Starting from Purchase Order this module tracks the compartment wise Purity, Receipt & Tank stock.
  • ⩥ It also covers the quantitative discount. The Tank density chart before & after loading is provided to ensure purity & leakage quantity.
  • ⧪ Inventory Control
  • ⩥ One of the major problems in petrol pump running is the daily position of task wise stocks of HSD , MS & other products.
  • ⩥ This module enables you to maintain your stocks at it best level. Stock ledger, Stock Summary & Stock valuation Reports gives the actual stock position of the fuel.
  • ⧪ Dip & Pump
  • ⩥ Complete track & control over Dip Reading & Pump Meter Reading.
  • ⩥ With an interface on sales & stocks, this system resolves the much needed problem of pump owner that is tracking DIP, METER READING with SALES & PURCHASE giving an effective control of petrol pump to the owner.
  • ⧪ MIS
  • ⩥ PetroCare offers you some MIS reports which enable you to run your petroleum business efficient.
    One such report is daily Sheet which includes pump wise net sales, product wise
  • ⩥ sale (Quantitative & Value wise) with stock position of HSD , MS , LUBRICANTS on a single sheet.
  • ⩥ Other reports are Day summary, Party wise/Products wise comparison chart, ageing analysis and many more.
  • ⧪ Account Management Module
  • ⩥ Voucher Entry & Printing, Cash book, Bank book, Ledger, Journal book , Trial balance Sub trial balance.
  • ⩥ Analysis of debtors, Ageing analysis of creditors.
  • ⩥ Balance sheet, Cash flow & Fund flow, Trading and Profit & Loss, Daily Transaction Summary.
  • ⩥ Outstanding receivable & payable.
  • Security: "PetroCare" PetroCare Management Software has a utility to create user and there passwords, you can allocated different rights and duties to different user, a user can work only on the specified areas of the software.
    "Special Feature : User Based Security System"
  • ⩥ Processor : Intel C2D
    ⩥ HDD : Minimum 10 GB Disk Space
    ⩥ RAM : Minimum 1GB
    ⩥ OS : Windows XP or above