Hosiery Trade Management Software

"Hosiery Care" - A Hosiery Trading Management Software manages all possible needs of Hosiery Agencies Owners. Hosiery Care is a Inventory & Accounting Software for Hosiery Agencies. With Hosiery Care you can manage all day to day problems of Agencies. It is very simple to use and it automatically takes care of all your business needs. Some features of Supply Chain Management Software are given below :

  • ⧪ Customer & Sales Management
  • ⩥ Brand wise Sales tracking, Sales Analysis, Productive / Un-productive Customer list, Customer Average Payment days reporting, Route wise Sales Analysis, Category wise Sales Analysis.
  • ⩥ Payment Outstanding / Realisation Analysis, Sales wise ageing analysis (Concise) ,Item wise/ Sales wise Quantative sales, Aria wise productivity report.
  • ⧪ Inventory Control
  • ⩥ Stock Forecasting & Order generation, Money involvement in a Company / division, Dead Stock List, Box wise sales purchase Stock Inventory. Size wise stock inventory.
  • ⩥ MRP Trading System, Stock Valuation, Schemes & Scheme Realization Analysis, Stock Summary (Pcs. / Boxes).
  • ⧪ Purchase Management
  • ⩥ Starting from Purchase Order this module tracks the compartment wise Purity, Receipt & Tank stock.
  • ⩥ Purchase Through Form C, 31etc.
  • ⧪ Controls
  • ⩥ Control on new parties, Control on parties over credit & division wise bill restrictions, Salesman – Areawise week scheduling to avoid blockage of funds, Control on schemes circulation, Personalized user permission settings, Control on bills edited or deleted, Control on discounts offered to parties, Auto scheme calculation while billing reducing errors.
  • ⩥ User defined tabular reports on sales Analysis, Concise Cash Book on a single sheet., Brand reports analysis,
  • ⩥ Area wise/Party wise reports analysis, Integrated Financial Accounts, Acceptance of post dated cheques in accounts, Bill wise scheme deducted report
  • ⩥ Other reports are Day summary, Party wise/Products wise comparison chart, ageing analysis and many more
  • ⩥ Voucher Entry & Printing, Cash book, Bank book, Ledger, Journal book , Trial balance Sub trial balance
  • ⩥ Analysis of debtors, Ageing analysis of creditors
  • ⩥ Outstanding receivable & payable
  • Security: "HosieryCarer" Hosiery Tradel Management Software has a utility to create user and there passwords, you can allocated different rights and duties to different user, a user can work only on the specified areas of the software.
    "Special Feature : User Based Security System"
  • ⩥ Processor : Intel C2D
    ⩥ HDD : Minimum 10 GB Disk Space
    ⩥ RAM : Minimum 1GB
    ⩥ OS : Windows XP or above