Hospital Management system

Hospital Billing Software is new generation medical billing software which brings you latest technology advancement to manage the working of hospital. Being modular in nature it easily integrates various aspects of hospital like OPD, IPD, Patient History, Consultants, and OT. Its ready to use feature makes it very suitable for fastest implementation. The idea is to keep you informed of all vital details of hospital working and free the owner from daily fire fighting problems, which mainly arise due to non-availability of desired information at the right time. Especially SMS send to client, When project register in database after that when finishing project bill automatically delivered to client mail id. Customer has wish to like that bill format designs.

  • Payment Modes / Details
  • Sponsorship Conditions Details
  • Patient Billing Details
  • Package Installment
  • Approval from Sponsor
  • Company Sponsorship Details
  • Package Registration
  • Sponsor Verification
  • PRetroactive Processing
  • User-defined Billing cycles
  • Recurring Ancillary charge capability
  • Auto-generated Codes and Billing Criteria
  • Provision for Pre-billing
  • Extensive third-party Billing
  • Invoice management