Garments Billing Software.

Garments Billing Software is the complete consignment shop / resale business solution made to organize your data and run on your PC. It's designed to be elegant and simple so you can manage and accelerate your store with ease, use and create the smartest reports & receipts you've ever seen, customize the look and feel, share data and network computers with multiple users, and it doesn't require a whole technology staff to run. All you need is your computer and a printer. Unfortunately, software has a well-deserved bad reputation for being rigid and hard to change. Due to its excellent focus on delivering power with simplicity, every user can customize screen layouts and reports to suit all business perfectly.

  • Invoice
  • Monthly Invoice
  • Stock Sold details
  • Stock Purchase details
  • Stock In Hand
  • Stock Level by Book
  • Payments
  • Add Transaction
  • Add to Invoice
  • Modify Invoice
  • Delete Invoice
  • Monthly Statement
  • List of Invoices not confirmed
  • Purchase Details Supplier Wise